Why Top Property Investors Are Going Global

Think the pool of investment options you can choose from is limited to your city? What about your country? Think again. If you feel like you’re stuck by low yields and slow growth at the local level, it might be time to open your eyes to a new opportunity. Today’s leading property investors are seeing the bigger picture. For the first time they are looking at their portfolio from a global perspective and finding higher returns, regardless of location.

Now you can join them.

Institutional investors have a long history of reaping profits from international property. It has allowed them to earn big returns for their stake holders year in and year out. On an individual level, investing internationally has traditionally been out of reach for all but the wealthiest individuals. This simply had to change.

At CityYield, we’re doing just that. Our expert team is breaking down barriers and helping individual investors get in on the global property market. We make it possible for anyone to buy property around the globe. It doesn’t take any special training or education. Buying a property across the ocean is as easy as buying the one around the corner.

By looking globally, investors can capitalise on economic and political events around the globe to buy at the right time. For example, the United Kingdom currently offers an outstanding opportunity to take advantage of currency devaluation which resulted from Brexit. Investors in countries with a strong currency, such as Australia and the US, have more buying power per dollar than existed 18 months ago. If the British currency follows past historical patterns, it should continue moving back towards it’s previous value within the next 5 years. When you combine the high yields and strong capital growth of United Kingdom with projected currency appreciation, the estimated returns are quite appealing.

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